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Various Attractive Designs of Lego Storage Ideas

clever lego storage ideas

Lego storage ideas are varied from the simple to unique ones. If you have kids, you must know that they are really loves to play many toys, include the popular and favorite one, Lego. Kids are really attracted to play Lego because of its various bright colors and the shape that can be arranged into many forms. Then, when they are done with their Lego, you must find it scattered on the floor. It will be really great for you, as the parents to teach them organizing their toys after playing to the storage. If the storage is designed in attractive look, they must be interested to tidy up.

Lego Storage Ideas in Attractive Designs

The simplest and most common idea for Lego storage is using the drawers. For more attractive look, you can choose plastic drawers. It is good because of its light material that will not endanger your kids. Moreover, the transparent look of plastic can make the Lego visible from outside. What makes the drawer looks appealing is to organize the Lego based on each color in different drawer. It will make a great gradation for the drawer look. Besides, the kids also can be stimulated to group the Lego based on the color.

The other idea is the boxes with huge Lego design for the storage. The box that is designed in Lego form is really attractive to provide in your kid’s room. It will not be used as useful storage, but also can be nice decoration for the room. The kids will find more fun at their room. Furthermore, if you prefer the storage for natty look, you can provide a cupboard with drawers inside. You can store many Legos in the drawer, and when it is closed, it will give the room a neat look. This Lego storage is really fit for a room with minimalist décor.

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