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Unique Alternative Christmas Trees

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If you’re tired of using the same traditional choices for your Christmas tree year after year, think about trying some of these unique alternatives.

Instead of a traditional tree use a wall decal in the shape of a tree or paint a tree mural on a large piece of foamboard and attach it to the wall. For a three-dimensinal tree substitute,  use a cardboard cutout, a small ceramic tree, an aluminum tree, or a tree made of dead branches and vines instead of cutting down a live tree. You could even create a tree from PVC pipes. Another idea is to use a small potted tree such as a Norfolk pine if you have an aversion to killing trees.

Maybe you want to continue using a traditional Christmas tree, but you are looking for some fresh alternatives for trimmings. Consider using strings of buttons, mini photo frames, popcorn balls, paper dolls, origami, mardi gras beads, costume jewelry, or  chandelier crystals, to name a few ideas. Another idea is to make paper snowflakes or gather pieces of lace into circles to hang from the tree. If you live near a beach, make shell decorations. If you live near the woods, make decorations from pine cones.

You also have some new choices for lights to put on your tree. The first Christmas trees had candles, and though real candles are too hazardous to use, there are now battery operated candles that would look nice on a Christmas tree. Another more modern look would be to wrap  rope lights through the branches of your tree. Retro-style bubble lights, or icicle lights would also be a fresh idea. Glow in the dark light sticks, glow in the dark stars or hearts that are designed to be pasted on ceilings and walls could also be used to light up your tree.

You may want to skip having a tree altogether. You can still make your room festive with winter garlands on the staircase, a beautiful door wreath, or a lovely fireplace swag.

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