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The Unique Rustic Bathroom Vanities

rustic bathroom vanities ideas

Bathroom decoration is unexpectedly more important than you realize. Bathroom is one of the rooms you will go into every morning, a place where you will prepare yourself to face the day. It is also one of the last rooms you will always visit at night, as you wind down and prepare yourself for rest. It is where you are meant to take care of yourself. Considering how the atmosphere of a bathroom can help set the tone for both your day and your night, it should be someplace you find inviting and pleasant. That is why choosing the perfect vanities for your bathroom is pretty important. But it is not a very difficult thing to do. You first need to select the concept look you want to be in your bathroom. I have an advice if you want to do it unique. Rustic bathroom vanities will be a good choice. It is definitely very unique and makes you comfortable in your bathroom.

These are some reasons why you should consider choosing rustic bathroom vanities. Modern bathrooms can be very attractive, but the atmosphere created by all that hard tile and glass is something cold and sterile. This look is just somehow too luxurious. Some people prefer to start off and end the day in a bathroom that exudes more charm and warmth than sleek, polished surfaces ever could. If you are looking for a bathroom that makes you feel comfortable, you should consider rustic bathroom decoration.

When considering the design of your rustic bathroom, you will have to choose the perfect rustic bathroom vanities. You can start with your canvas, your floors and walls. Natural materials such as unpolished, rough-cut stone, exposed brick or distressed wood are good options to consider. Bringing nature indoors always helps create a natural, calming atmosphere. If you have existing walls and want to paint them to a colour you want to, use a paint technique such as rag rolling, sponging or crackle painting to bring about that weathered look. You don’t want your walls to look too clean and perfect. In a rustic style bathroom, it’s the imperfections that lend interest and beauty to your bathroom.

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