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Organize Your Kitchen with Spice Rack Ideas

island spice rack ideas

Spice rack ideas are really helpful for you to organize the spices and make the kitchen look tidier. For you who love to cook, the well-organized kitchen is important. It can not only make your kitchen look neat, but also make you easier to find and get the spices and other ingredient. Moreover, you need to know how to make smart storage for spices that is able to save the space and of course in nice design idea. To organize them in a rack is a good idea to. Then, these are some great ideas to make your own spice rack for your kitchen.

Spice Rack Ideas to Save The Space

There are a lot of ideas of rack design for spices. You can make it visible as a part of room decoration, or to place it in the cabinet or cupboard for neater look. If you want to display it, you also must choose the jar with decorative design. Mason jar is one of storages with attractive look. You need some jars for different spices. To name each jar based on the spice inside is a really good idea to keep you from taking wrong spice. Then, the unique design of the rack is important to enhance the look.

For regular design, wood is the common choice for rack. Then, for sleek look at modern kitchen, rack from stainless steel can be good choice. Besides, if you want to have unique spice rack, you can provide a wide board of iron hanging on the wall, then, give each jar of spice a magnet on the bottom part. The jars can be stuck on the iron surface. Moreover, the hidden rack is also a good idea if you have small kitchen. The slot inside cabinet can be used as useful rack for spice. Besides, you can use the space on the cabinet’s door to make the spice rack.

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