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How to Bedroom Furniture Setup

bedroom furniture arrangement ideas

Bedroom Furniture Setup - What about your bedroom furniture setup for this time? You have felt comfortable or feel claustrophobic? Rearrange the bedroom furniture setup in order to get the feel comfortable may be a solution. Ideally, the bedroom is the place for you to rest after a day of activities. With bedroom decoration and arrangement of furniture in such a way, you can rest more comfortably and effectively so that it indirectly give a good effect on your body.

Perhaps many of you utilize of the bedroom as a place not only to rest but it serves as a place to spend time when not working, for example by reading a book or magazine, watching tv and others in the bedroom. Indeed, how to setup your bedroom furniture has its own difficulty level. The more difficult if your bedroom is small. But do not worry, you can apply the ideas and tips below to arrange your bedroom furnitures.

The first step you should do is to set the position of the bed. Try to observe your bedroom, whether still looks empty or boring and claustrophobic? The main point is the bed placement. Try to put your bed under the window. Or, at least you put a bed in accordance with the size of the rooms available. This is taking into consideration the existing furniture to fit the size of your room. After getting the right position for the bed, then you can put other furniture such as dressers, wardrobe, TV displays, etc. in the room based on your habits. Do not hesitate to add or subtract furnitures, but with adjusting the size of the room and your needs. As an alternative, use multifunctional furniture so your bedroom remains relieved. What is important is the composition of the balance between the bed and the furniture in the room.

Are you someone who likes to read? Addition the bed tables beside to the bed may be helpful. Functions of the bed tables can be various kinds, in addition to adding value decorating on the bed, you can design bed tables with a shelf to put your books and read them when going to sleep. You can also put a laptop / notebook, clock, desk lamp on bed tables.

Try to put the furniture has a function mutual support adjacent. For example, put the dressers adjacent with the wardrobe. Both the furniture should be placed adjacent to the bathroom (if possible). It aims to facilitate your activities.

Last thing, you can add accents in your bedroom to add wall decorations. Accents must be adjust the theme, color, or existing furniture in the room. For example, art painting above the headboard, decorative pillow, calligraphy, etc.. In addition you can also add accessories that are also functional, such as decorative hanging lamps, floor lamp or root,  aromatherapy candle holders, etc.. The conclusion is the placement of bedroom furniture to be precise. Please look at the picture as an example of an idea and hopefully how to arranging bedroom furniture tips above can help you create a comfortable place to unwind and relax after a tiring activity.

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