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Distressing Furniture to Create a Classic Atmosphere

distressed bedroom furniture

The distressing furniture is a specific appearance of furniture which is shown up in aged appearance. This is an arty method to create a decorative space through old looking stuffs. Though distressing is also known as a finishing method, the result won’t be the same with the modern’s representation of furniture finishing. Each item is well made (and manipulated) to look as destroyed as possible; that is how the style impresses us when it comes to interior designing. Distressing is commonly linked to rustic and vintage theme due to its historical paint color, sanded down edges, and antique hardware applications.

We have compiled some of the best and most inspirational applications. Distressing furniture idea is originally applied in the creation of Best & Company. The teams have brought the concept very well through classic touches. The bedroom is set to be in rather pale and neutral colors, like soft brown. To add more interest, they add textured curtains, black lampshades, and of course unfinished corner desk. Sticking to the concept while going a bit contemporary, Gabriel Builders Inc. created an off-white trim bedroom that’s richly combined with dusty blue and brick fireplace. To support the lighting, gold chandelier was chosen.

If you think that you’d still rather go with modernity, distressing can still be blended well with trendiness. Take a look at the bedroom of Dreamy Whites that was designed to appear very adorable and soothing in more modern distressing. The term that best represents the space is shabby chic, thanks to the creamy pink lamp for a calming view, ruffled white bedding, and of course distressing green folding chair. Dreamy Whites wowed us once again through an elegant distressing concept of a bedroom. The space is effortlessly beautiful, especially to notice that the bed’s headboard was made from a light-colored door of distressing furniture.

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