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Bevelled Mirror as Indoor Decorative Touch

beveled mirror baguettes

The bevelled mirror is mirror you can use in any rooms of your house. Maybe some of us will wonder why we have to put mirrors other than in our bathroom or bedroom. Yes, indeed the function of mirror is basically to help us in managing our appearance and all those activities related to dressing. But, now we can say that that function only for mirror is quite traditional. People no longer use mirrors for those purpose only. However of course, the main function of mirrors is still to help us dressing and check our look. But, we all know that nowadays the freedom of art is spreading. Thus the art of designing and also furnishing house just one of its kinds.

Nowadays, there are more innovative design to make the houses and other space of private living become more attractive. All the furniture and stuffs in house can be utilized to be the supporting accents of whole house decorating ideas. Go on further, besides only becoming decorative ideas, some of furniture and stuffs in house can also has significant function than just merely a visual art. Placing mirror in some house corner has been commonly recognized as having effects to make particular rooms look bigger. Choosing mirror seems like a small thing, those who do not know would only think that all the mirrors are same. Even if it is true, some special-designed mirror like bevelled mirror can have a significant impact to the room where you place it, without dominating it.

This is mirrors with special process of cutting, which makes the bigger glass thicker but with the edge of the mirror thinner. This cutting makes this mirror special compared to other ordinary made mirror. With or without frame, good decorative accent for your room can be created from bevelled mirror.

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