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Best Exterior Paint Color Schemes

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Making exterior pain color schemes must be estimated with kind of house architecture design. If not, it will make the exterior design to be unbalance. Choosing exterior paint color also has to consider by the type and quality of paint brand. Choose the best quality that has weather resistant, and long lasting till year to come. There are lots of exterior paints that can be chosen based on your need and taste. In this article, we are going to give you some samples of paint color scheme for your exterior decoration. If you are willing to redesign your exterior paint color, do not leave this page, just scroll below and keep reading.

There are some schemes or themes of exterior paint color we will show for you, hope those can be your inspiration in keeping your exterior good looking. First step you have to do is that choose the color based on your confidence. It is really important because exterior paint color schemes will show the characteristic the owner. Then, the exterior color scheme you can follow as the first is that suburban modern color scheme. To make this scheme, you have to choose neutral color palette, since modern is close to simple and minimalist. Color you can choose, such as brown, grey, black or white. As your sample, you can dominate the exterior wall with soft brown color, grey as the border line and brown cappuccino to paint the door or garage area.

Next scheme is shores and beaches. In this case, you have to choose any paint color schemes which are close to coastal concept, such as blue, white, aqua and brown. This exterior color combines light and dark color. If you choose blue and white, it will represent the sea water, sky and cloud, while for brown and dark brown will show the sand. Those are some inspiration you can apply of exterior pain color schemes.

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