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Best Basement Floor Tiles

basement floor carpet tiles

Choosing the best basement floor tiles must meet several requirements. Not just about beauty, but there are requirements that must be met such as mildew resistant, not absorb water and easy to be replaced. Why should meet these requirements? The following is basement floor tiles review.

Mildew resistant

basement floor is tends to damp. Keep in mind, mildew like to grow in a place like this. Therefore, make sure the floor has a resistance to mildew.

Not absorb water

Flooring material that absorbs water is certainly not good. Besides damaging the structure of the floor, will also trigger the growth of mildew. Basement floor should remain dry so that is not slippery and moist.

Easy to be replaced

Easy to be replaced the tile floor is a must. Basement floors can be easily damaged, especially if it is not treated properly or because damage on the basic concrete structure of the floor that could cause damage to the tile floor as cracks and water seepage. Some of the floor tiles on the market equipped with interlocking system so easy to be overhauled.

Various kinds tile flooring material that is often used for basement. Call it the porcelain, natural stone, linoleum, cork, and so forth. And of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of using these materials. For example linoleum, inorganic plastic that is resistant to moisture and mildew. Not expensive but still difficult obtained. Here are example pictures of basement floor tiles, hopefully inspire you. Good luck.

Gallery of Best Basement Floor Tiles

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