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Architectural Element with Tin Ceiling

tin ceiling edging

The tin ceiling is one of the architectural elements that will make your interior house decoration to be luxury, elegant and classic in the same time. This kind of architectural elements is really popular in Victorian era. At that time most of the building set this element to beautify the ceiling decoration. It is stand from the 19 century to early 20th century. IT will give artistic and aesthetic decoration for a house with any color choices and any kinds of pattern. As the time goes by, this tin for ceiling is adapted to be more modern and combined with any interior decoration style. If you are new about this architectural element, let’s read the samples you may interest in and make it as the part of your interior house elements.

Tin ceiling can be the focus area on your living room. There are some ways to install tin on your ceiling. It can be install full of your ceiling or combine it with white gypsum. There are really lots of patterns and colors you can choose. In this article we are going to give you some best and popular design of tin. The first style is Metallaire fans tin. This is made of metal with dimensions of 2 inch x 2 inch x 0.01 inch. The style of this tin is contemporary with lacquered steel color finished. This tin is made with class A category of fire resistant with durability of soil resistance. The edge detail is made in square lay in.

The second style is Metallaire filler panel which is made with metal material in brass color finished. The style is contemporary with drop ceiling type. The pattern of this ceiling is dots. The dimensions of this in architectural element is 2’’ x 4’’ x0.2’’ with class A fire resistant and durable soil resistance. Let’s decorate your interior to get luxury look with tin ceiling.

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